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What is IFx-VET?

IFx-VET is an immunotherapy created for each pet using their own cancer cells in our state-of-the art manufacturing facility by our experienced staff. IFx-VET primes and educates the immune system to attack tumor cells throughout the body without damaging other cells or organs. IFx-VET is made specifically for each pet so that the immune system is alert to the particular abnormalities of his/her own cancer.

What is IFx-VET?

How to get IFx-VET

We’ve made the process for obtaining a personalized IFx-VET vaccine easy.  The treatment begins with your preferred veterinarian. After a conversation and consultation with your veterinarian, all that is needed is a sample of the patient’s tumor. We do the rest. If your veterinarian doesn’t currently offer IFx-VET, our staff is happy to provide individual consultations with veterinarians. This can be arranged by phone or email.

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