An Affordable New Cancer Treatment For Pets With No Harmful Side Effects

Portrait of a chocolate brown labradorIf you have recently learned that your beloved pet has cancer, you may feel overwhelmed as you begin researching treatment options. Like with cancer in humans, there are many treatments available depending on the type, stage and location of the cancer, as well as how much money you are willing to spend. An unfortunate reality is that most cancer treatments for pets, as with humans, are very costly and come with unpleasant side effects. Watching your four-legged companion suffer through chemotherapy is difficult, and many pet owners struggle with the decision to pursue drug-based pet cancer treatments.

But what if there was an affordable, fast-acting pet cancer vaccine that had no negative side effects?

There is. It’s called IFx-VET, and it’s available now from your veterinarian.

Who is IFx-VET For?

IFx-VET is for companion animals, and has been successfully used in dogs, cats and horses. It has already shown favorable results in controlling the growth of cancer cells in more than 30 different types of cancer, and the unique immunotherapy technology means it works on virtually any type of pet cancer.

How Does IFx-VET Work?

In the simplest terms, IFx-VET works by using your pet’s own immune system to fight cancer cells, without harming healthy cells. Each vaccine is personalized using tumor cells harvested from your pet during an initial biopsy surgery or a surgery to remove or reduce the size of a known tumor.

The vaccine works by “educating” your pet’s immune system by flagging dangerous cancer cells that it would not normally recognize as harmful. The immune system then sets about attacking and destroying the cancer cells. This is in stark contrast to other cancer treatments for pets that use drugs to kill tumor cells.

Once the tumor cells are harvested, your pet’s vaccines will be produced at the Veterinary Oncology Services laboratory, sent to your veterinarian, and administered on a set weekly or monthly schedule, depending on the type of cancer.

How Effective Is IFx-VET?

More than 2,000 doses of IFx-VET vaccines have been administered to date, and the results are incredibly promising. IFx-VET may be effective at:

  • Preventing or delaying recurrence or metastases of a tumor that have been surgically removed.
  • Reducing the size of a tumor that cannot be surgically removed.
  • Improving survival rates.

While IFx-VET is recommended for all types and stages of cancer, as with other treatments, it may be more effective in early stages of pet cancer. Your veterinarian will closely monitor your pet’s progress, but in many cases, a positive response to the therapy may be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks.

How Do You Get IFx-VET?

Talk to your veterinarian about IFx-VET as soon as you receive a pet cancer diagnosis. Only he or she can perform the surgery to harvest tumor cells, order and administer the vaccines. Your veterinarian will sit down with you and explain the process, review the potential benefits, and disclose the cost. Together you will decide if it’s the right cancer treatment for your pet.

To learn more about the science behind this revolutionary immunotherapy pet cancer vaccine, download the IFx-VET brochure, and then talk to your veterinarian to get started today.