A New Way To Treat Horse Cancer

A New Way To Treat Horse Cancer

IFx-VET is a breakthrough cancer treatment for horses that uses your horse’s own immune system to destroy cancer cells.

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Coping With Equine Cancer
While cancer occurs less often in horses than in cats and dogs, it is no less harmful.

Whether a horse is kept for work, recreation or racing, any horse owner knows the special bond that exists with this unique companion animal. Equine cancer can manifest as several types, including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sarcoids, lymphoma, breast and ovarian cancer in mares, and prostate and testicular cancer in stallions and geldings.

If your horse has recently been diagnosed with equine cancer, it’s only natural to feel distressed. But there is hope. Advances in pet cancer treatment are making it possible to catch and treat cancer earlier, resulting in increased survival rates and improved quality of life.

If you’re interested in alternative horse cancer treatments, you’ve come to the right place.

What is IFx-VET?

IFx-VET is equine cancer immunotherapy treatment created for each horse using their own cancer cells. The custom-made vaccine primes and educates your horse’s immune system to attack tumor cells throughout the body, without damaging other cells or organs.

This breakthrough cancer treatment for horses uses NO toxic chemicals and produces NO harmful side effects. Thousands of doses of IFx-VET have been administered with favorable results seen in survival rates and quality of life.

How to Get IFx-VET

We’ve made the process for obtaining a personalized IFx-VET vaccine easy. The treatment begins with your preferred veterinarian. After a conversation and consultation with your veterinarian, all that is needed is a sample of the patient’s tumor. We do the rest. If your veterinarian doesn’t currently offer IFx-VET, our staff provides individual consultations with veterinarians via phone or email.

Take control of your horse’s cancer treatment. Talk to your veterinarian about IFx-VET and begin treatment.
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