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Hero Spotlight: Mup

mup1Meet Muffin, better known as Mup. Toward the end of 2015, Mup was introduced to Veterinary Oncology Services by his anxious parent. This particular pet parent just happened to be one of our USDA consultants who has successfully guided Morphogenesis and Veterinary Oncology Services through the USDA processes for several years now. Unfortunately, the family’s 10-year old Pomeranian had just been diagnosed with inoperable bladder cancer that occupied 80% of his bladder. Since there was no standard care available for Mup besides Piroxicam, the parent wanted to know if Veterinary Oncology Services’ IFx-VET would be available for Mup.

Treatment began for Mup on November 8, 2015 and was administered by his veterinarian, Dr. Janine Chapman of Portage Animal Hospital in Portage, MI. By November 21, ultrasounds revealed a notable 40-50% reduction in tumor size. According to the pet parent, “I know that this is likely not a magic bullet – but there is no doubt we are improving the quality of his life at least for the moment. Thanks all, I always loved working on novel technology, and the rules and regulations to make it available – but I never anticipated using on my family pet…Thanks again for all your support!”

MupOn November 23, Dr. Chapman wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving, All! This has truly been exciting to watch unfold. Ultrasonographically, the tumor appears to be ‘disintegrating’ for lack of a better term. Tissue can be seen cascading off the main tumor bulk – it’s pretty amazing. Thank you for introducing me to this innovation!”

Mup continued to respond well to the transitional cell carcinoma IFx-VET and completed his dosing regimen. However, in early March, Mup was diagnosed with a new tumor, anal sac carcinoma. The tumor was debulked and a new IFx-VET vaccine was derived. The administration of this vaccine went smoothly and seemed to prevent the tumor from growing back at the surgical site. Mup survived another two months with a good quality of life. The pet parent noted, “You have extended Mups life for many months (and it was a great quality of life) and that is so appreciated!” Mup remained “a little bundle of energy” even though he was battling two types of cancer.

Thank you Mup for being your parent’s “Miracle Dog” and for being our Hero!