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Hero Spotlight: Sara

saraSara, a 10-year-old female Domestic Shorthair was diagnosed with advanced fibrosarcoma in one extremity. There were metastatic lesions in her lungs which were evident in radiographic images. Sara’s prognosis was dire. The lesion was debulked several times, but no. From the tumor mass, an autologous whole cell IFx-VET vaccine was made.

sara2That Sara’s immune system started fighting the tumors was evidenced by the increase in antibody response to the tumor viewed by ELISA. In fact, antibodies were made to multiple tumor antigens when viewed by Western Blot analysis. Within a few months, the thoracic lesions had completely resolved. Sara survived an additional 13 months (that’s about 4 human years) and was euthanized for other causes. We were also able to boost Sara’s IFx-VET vaccine with the direct DNA injection form of ImmuneFx to good effect. No other therapy was given prior to or during the IFx-VET treatments. No adverse or serious adverse effects were observed from the therapy. Sara’s journey was only the beginning in our quest to find new ways of treating cats with cancer.