The Science


You have just found out that your pet has cancer, what are your options?

Treatment options for cancerIf you are like us, you start to research anything that can offer hope for your four legged family members. We did exactly that and found very few new and innovative options. Surgery can remove solid tumors, but the cancer can grow back.

We knew there could be a more effective and economical option. Our passion for pets took us to our lab where we spent years developing a revolutionary new therapy capable of offering renewed hope to pet owners. Those years of research and development have culminated with the invention of IFx-VET.

How IFx-VET Works

IFx-VET is a revolutionary new type of treatment that uses your pet’s own immune system to fight cancer. ImmuneFx is the only cancer treatment available to pet owners with no reported side effects. Our treatment works on virtually all types of cancer because it relies on triggering an immune system response from within, not by directly killing the tumors with drugs.

How IFx-Vet Works

IFx-VET, our breakthrough cancer treatment, is engineered to bring the full force and power of an animal’s immune system to combat the out of control growth of cancer cells. Unlike other cancer treatments, IFx-VET combines both cell AND gene technology, which is crucial for combating most types of cancer.

After we have collected tumor cells from an animal, we inject a bacterial gene that does something called “expressing itself” on the surface of the cancer cells. Basically, it acts like a red flag to the immune system.

The power of IFx-VET has been demonstrated through more than 2,000 doses administered to animal patients with naturally occurring cancers. With no reported side effects, and a strong correlation between clinical efficacy and immune response, IFx-VET has proven its ability to evoke a broad immune response by activating both the innate and adaptive immune systems.